Letters of Success

My name is Stephen M. and for the last nearly two years I’d resided at the Shepherd’s House. Before I got there, my life had begun to deteriorate and loom out of control. In 2015, I convicted of drug charges, and had almost given up completely. Only months prior to this, I had just saw my eldest daughter succumb to Sarcoma cancer, after a four-year battle with this aggressive condition. In no way at all do I intend to blame my failures on this fact. My sole intent is to let you know my mindset etc.

Within a year a laying my daughter to rest, and amidst mass confusion, I progressively ventured off into the dark world of drugs. We all know how the story ends; jail, death, or possibly even worse. In any case, and after about an entire year in dark world of illicit drugs. I found myself facing a lot of prison time for my crimes and ill behavior.

As I sat in jail, not knowing how to explain my situation to my mother and loved ones, I turned to the only one I trusted to know how to fix anything. As I sat on the floor contemplating how to muster the nerve and strength to make the dreaded phone call home, I could not but get upon my knees and literally began to cry out GOD pleading for His help. Long story short, He heard and moved on my family’s and my own behalf.

I was miraculously delivered from jail and placed into the recovery program at the Shepherd’s House. Where within weeks I began to see my GOD work on and in my life more day by day. Before I’d realized it, I was graduating the program at the residence, and my desires had started to change drastically. I was working again, attending church regularly and working diligently to allow GOD to work in my life. I only decided to leave the Shepherd’s House this week. But the selfish part of me wanted to stay there indefinitely. Only the bigger and best part of me wanted room there for others that may be in need of the love, nurturing, and encouragement that this excellent program has to offer.

I am forever grateful to all the staff and both founders Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Cox, for their willingness to allow GOD to use them to provide an opportunity to men to help change lives positively. Each one of you guys are truly a blessing. I’ve gained so very much by being a part of this program and I’ve learned how to live and love again. Thank you all so very much. I’m highly motivated by your diligent efforts to fight the good fight of faith. I’d also like to thank my Mother for all of her years of toiling endlessly on the behalf of her family. I’ve been very fortunate and highly blessed.

– Stephen M.

Many thanks to the Shepherd’s House. Since my arrival in May, the staff has assisted me in so many ways. From helping me with bus passes to appointments to clothing and food. Here we have AA/NA meetings on a daily basis, which is good for both my recovery and sobriety.

I came here homeless, hopeless and helpless. Today thanks to Shepherd’s House, my life has meaning and purpose. I now have a sponsor, attend church regularly, made friends with other veterans and have become more involved in my relationship with family.

Recently, Shepherd’s House awarded me the keys to a Chevy Impala. Free of Charge. The staff and management here has seen something in me, which I could not see in myself. I’m so grateful to have found Shepherd’s House. I’ve been given guidance, direction, stability, and a new sense of self-worth. Where would I be today if I had not come here? Answer is: Still miserable and addicted.

To Shepherd’s House – Thank You

– James W.

I am very thankful for all the blessings I have received while at the Shepherd’s House. My life before coming here include war, abuse, prison, criminal activity, alcoholism, and drug addiction. I have been here nine months and I have experienced Jesus Christ working in many ways. This program, this staff, the others veterans, and this great community have helped me in countless ways. I have never truly been in recovery until I came here and I have developed coping skills to deal with my PTSD, anxiety, and addiction. I was thrilled to hear I am receiving a vehicle for my three children and me to go to church and school activities together. My family really needs that quality time together. This house of God has inspired me to make goals for my future. I have made some life-changing decisions here. My plans include better relationships with God, my parents, my children, and my community. I want to personally thank everyone involved with this facility. TO anyone out there that needs help…. there is hope.

– Brian

Three years ago, I found myself in jail. An attorney told me I may spend 31 years in prison. I wasn’t sure if I would ever see the outside ever again. I didn’t want to live any longer. I found a Bible on my block. I read the Bible twice. First I read the New King James Version. Then I read the New International Version Study Bible.

After I was released from incarceration a few months ago, I had a new perspective of myself, life, basically everything. Someone once told me, “You can’t know all you need is Christ until all you have is Christ.” I wanted to work for God. The Bible was my passion in life. It was an option for me to just get a job without a degree but I have a very strong desire to know Him.

I want to learn everything I can about the Word of God. I did some research and prayed often. I decided Grand Canyon University Online would get me where I want to be. However, without this hunger, this motivation, I cannot succeed as a student.

I enjoy Christian fellowship more than any other social activity. I am in class with several other Christians now. I feel as if I am part of a team. The primary goal is glorifying God in all we do. That is extremely motivating for me.

I have found many tools in this first week of class to be a successful student. I understand LoudCloud and the university website. I know when and where I will focus on class in my busy schedule. I am more confident than ever that I can accomplish my goals. Most importantly, I depend on God for my motivation and He is an Awesome God.

– Brian O

Ben F

I came to the Shepherd’s House May 2015. I was an alcoholic and addicted to pain medication after I hurt my back. Since 2008 through 2015, I received four (4) DUI’s and was in three (3) bad car accidents which I did not hurt myself or anyone else. I have received a felony now. I lost my house do to alcohol and many good paying jobs because I would wake up and do 4-5 shots of cheap vodka to get rid of my shakes. Then I would start drinking at lunch and throughout my work day. My friends, family members and, my pride and joy, my daughter who was going to college at Ball State University did not want anything to do with me anymore. She was embarrassed to be around me and with her friends. I moved in with my parents. They were tired of finding all the hidden bottles throughout their house. Enough was enough and my Dad dropped me off to the mission and I was too drunk to be accepted there so I went to the VA for the night then checked into the Shepherd’s House the next day sober. It was tough at first. I went to six (6) meetings a week. I missed my family. They would come and visit and I would cry and especially at night trying to figure out how a successful 43-year-old son turned out like this. I found my high power here and who I am proud to say is Jesus Christ my savior. I listened and learned at all the meetings we had. I wanted my family back and especially my daughter and I was willing to do anything. If this is what it took to give up the bottle and pills, then by God I was going to do it. After graduating the 6-month program here I still was not ready. I stayed 9 months. Now at 45 I have my own place and car. My family forgave but didn’t forget and I have my daughter back in my life 100%. I will finally be able to see her graduate college and walk her down the aisle when it is time. The VA got me on the proper medications I needed to be on, especially for my depression, anxiety and PTSD. I have my health back, I have a good job that I love, I chair an AA meeting at Shepherd’s House and continue to give back. I went back to college at Ivy Tech and I’m studying Human Service with a Technical Certificate in Addiction. I also got State Certified as a Community Health Worker/Certified Recovery Specialist recently. I sponsor and mentor many Veterans. If it was not for all the staff here: Lonnie, Barb, Tracey, Kenny and Gunny I wouldn’t be where I am today. If I can do it Anyone can do it. You have to want it though and give it your all 110%.

– Ben F
United States Navy
Desert Storm Veteran

I was spiritually bankrupt due to drugs and alcohol, and without a Savior. Through a God given program of healing and recovery, I allowed God to re-enter my life in a place called Shepherd’s House. The staff here is truly gifted and God sent to help you heal spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I am truly grateful for a more blessed, productive, and serene life thanks to God, through the Shepherd’s House.

– Benjamin H

It gives me great pleasure to be able to write a few words about the Shepherd’s House recovery program. To be alive and sober today is indeed a miracle and a gift from God. Although I had not drank for a few months prior to arriving at the facility, my actual recovery began there. The program is spiritually based with emphasis on God and the 12 step program of alcoholics anonymous. At Shepherd’s House I was able to be honest with myself and the fact that I am an alcoholic who ripped like a tornado through the lives of those I cared about. A closeness and camaraderie at Shepherd’s House tremendously helped me build a solid foundation of sobriety.

– Joe K

My name is Steven. Because of bad choices I was sentenced to prison. Fortunately, I got my sentence modified to be released into Shepherd’s House. During my time there I learned the skills I needed to wake up out of the ‘fog’ and make something out of myself.

– Steven P

I started drinking and using drugs about 35 years ago. It wasn’t any time before my association with dealers started me dealing. At first I was just trying to make a fast buck, but it wasn’t long before I wound up being my own best user. Then pimping-whatever it took to support the habit. When they placed me at Shepherd’s House I felt the presence of God. I figure it was the good Lord there protecting me. My life is real good now and it’s only by the grace of God.

-Eddie S