Shepherd’s House Nonprofit Organization Needs Local Help for Renovations

The Fort Wayne non-profit needs your help. Shepherd’s House is a place for homeless vets and veterans dealing with addictions.

Right now, Shepherd’s House has the supplies about 50 veterans but they do not have the adequate space needed to prepare those meals.

Shepherd’s House Co-Founder Barb Cox and the veterans who live at the house say they’re tired of just making due with their current kitchen. Now they’ve decided to move forward with their plans to renovate the 50,000 square foot home.

Although that sounds like plenty of space, they say it’s not nearly enough for a veteran family of 38.

“I honestly don’t know how they’ve done this. I thin it’s been about 12 years in this location”, says Barb Cox who mentions that meals have always been a struggle.

“To prepare that big of a meal for this many people in that cram of quarters, with one countertop…I honestly don’t know how we’ve done it but we’ve had enough with this.”

Cox says enough food is made in this kitchen to fee 50 people everyday. With limited counter space, storage, and seating, Cox says the veterans cannot even dine together.

“For them to be able to all migrate together, pray before we eat, a comradery gets a whole lot better when they’re a family unit instead of separated into all areas of the house.”

“It’s inconvenient and it’s so hard to get around and you saw me right now trying to prep the pans to put them in the oven.”

“I’m gonna have to haul 25 pounds of pasta.”

The veterans are on a rotating cooking schedule. It will be Bach’s turn.

“There’s no dishwasher over there. There’s no sprayer and no sink.”

“Architecturally, the builder and everyone is ready except the money part.”

Shepherd’s House has raised less than 10% of their $150,000 dollar goal. This weekend Shepherd’s House will hold a fundraising at Wrigley Field Restaurant. There will be live music, food, and a benefit ride with motorists.
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